The purpose of the guidelines is to ensure that the product, as applied, provides adequate protection against corrosion. Performance of a coating system depends upon both the correct choice of product(s) and the adoption of the correct guidelines for surface preparation and paint application. The responsibilities for achieving the specific standards and performance of the coating system very much depends on the surface preparation and paint application, which rest with the Contracting Company. Under no circumstances do these responsibilities rest with Nippon Paint. We will generally provide for the presence of a Technical Service Representative at key stages during the project stage. The role of the Nippon Paint Technical Service Representative is advisory only unless otherwise specified in the terms and conditions of the contract.

Hi-Pon 20-04 STE 80

Hi-Pon 20-04 STE IM 80

Hi-Pon 30-03 Epoxy Midcoat 80

Hi-Pon 30-04 Epoxy MIO 70

Hi-Pon 50-01 Polyurethene Top Coat

Zinky-13 Inorganic Zinc Rich Primer 85