The NORSOK Standards were introduced in 1994 by the Norwegian offshore industry and continue to serve as global guidelines for adding value and ensuring cost-effective design, construction, operation and maintenance within aggressive offshore environments.​​

NORSOK M-501 provides the guidelines for the selection of coating systems, minimum dry film thickness and surface preparation to ensure quality standards for all aspects of the offshore industry.​


NORSOK M-501 is targeted at new construction projects in challenging environments where there is a need to ensure optimum corrosion protection to provide the following benefits:​

• Obtain protective coatings systems which provide extended design life​

• Reduce overall lifetime costs for the offshore installations and associated facilities​

• Minimise health and safety concerns​

• Minimise the need for maintenance, which is costly and inconvenient, and in some cases, not possible ​

• Minimise environment impact​

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